At BrickMatch & Tint, we pride ourselves in being able to identify the original type and make of brick to your property. If it is no longer in production, we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to isolate the best match for your project.

For the Householder: The majority of builders contracted by the householder will endeavor to obtain the best possible brick match to your property. The use of our service, in advance of appointing a contractor, will save valuable time and will prevent possible delays in obtaining the correct brick for the job. This is a service available to the private householder at a cost of £38.00 in the Northwest Region. Appointments further afield may also be undertaken at negotiated rates.

For the Builder: Contractual rates are available for brick matching and brick sourcing for all your projects and brickwork needs.

Please call our team: 07584-035-861 or click here.